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BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series Recap


Day One Recap:

Day One Homework:

Day One Resources:


Day Two Recap:

Thank you all for another amazing evening of learning & growing - can you believe we're already halfway through our series? Tonight we experimented with more two-minute drills, briefly discussed birth as a business in America & addressed some fears with our partners! Dr. Missy Albrecht of [Invincible] shared with us the benefits of visceral manipulation for prenatal and postpartum care and got us moving with our Coregeous balls for some visceral self-mobilization. After that we covered the stages of labor and finished with some hands on movement via the Functional Progressions! 

Day Two Homework:

  • Practicing 10 minutes of Two-Minute Drills each day - we encourage you to do at least a few with your partner and can also do some by yourself! I always love two minutes of "Why I know you'll be an amazing mom/dad"
  • Reviewing, editing and finishing your birth preferences worksheet and birth mission statement
  • Spend 10 minutes per day practicing your breath work daily and the Functional Progressions covered today with any of your individual modifications as necessary   

Day Two Resources: 

  • Dr. Missy Albrecht, DPT - [Invincible] - click for information, resources, fees and scheduling appointments. You can also follow her on instragram @stay_invincible


Day Three Recap: 

For our third session we began with a quick review of how the homework went and outlined our top five objectives. We continued with a mindful meditation of your birth experiences, which can easily be done at home in the form of a two-minute drill! Today's class was full of two-minute drill ideas from the entire group. We reviewed the birth preferences sheet and homework and then learned and applied the BRAIN (Benefits, Risks, Alternatives, Intuition, Nothing) acronym for decision making around procedures for you and your family. 

Day Three Homework: 

  • Get your birth preferences into a one page document of 12-14pt font, bullet points, with your birth mission statement at the top of the page. Print four copies. Option - ask your birth team to upload to your electronic file and/or get one copy laminated and into your baby go bag
  • Review the questions to ask when considering a pediatrician list, be prepared to discuss next week
  • "Get your sh*t together"   
  • Continue practicing breath, connection to baby and Functional Progressions 10 minutes daily
  • Integrate two-minute drills into your daily life at home, try to do at least a couple per day - they can be alone as well as with partner

Day Three Resources:

  • Dr. Ashley Zimmerman, DPT
  • Anita Curry
    FLO Acupuncture, prenatal/postpartum specialist


Day Four Preview - Dr. Ashley Zimmerman